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SEO Services in Guelph

We provide high-level SEO services that get your site ranking for the keywords that matter. Through our experienced team, you will see your website climb to the top of search engine results and start getting more organic traffic than ever before.

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a process with one goal, help websites achieve a high ranking on search engines. Many businesses who once relied on quality service and word-of-mouth are now losing out to their competition because they are not worrying about their presence on search engines. With search algorithms changing constantly, hiring a skilled specialist is crucial to improving (or even just maintaining) your position.

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Our search engine optimization strategy

When you develop a search strategy with Topsite, we’ll collect data from multiple sources, develop a hypothesis based on that data, and then build a strategy around that hypothesis. We’ll test ideas and continue to adapt your search strategy based on data-driven results. You will receive monthly reports with key data, a list of work completed that month, and list of work we plan for the following month.

Keyword Analysis

We always start by identifying high volume keywords in your industry, analyzing them for any good opportunities.

Link Building

We use our network of popular directories and content sharing sites to get you more backlinks and better rankings.

Local SEO

We’ll properly optimize your search engine business listings to ensure you are showing up in local search results.

Technical SEO

Our SEO specialists will manage all the metadata and backend properties that send signals to search engines.

Content Creation

Our team of expert content creators will help build content that incorporates important keywords for your business.

Schema Markup

Complicated markup code is added to individual pages to help search engines better identify valuable content.

SEO reporting & insights

We understand that investing in SEO services is a bit of a roll-of-the-dice for small businesses. That’s why we provide monthly reporting and insights for all of our SEO clients. We believe you should have a full understanding of your positioning for important keywords, and the progress we’re making towards achieving better rankings for those keywords. We want you to understand the ROI you are getting from our services, and feel confident that we’re doing good work every month.

Using Google Search Console on a laptop

Website content that ranks

Our skilled team of content creators will craft content that not only engages your users, it will help you rank high on search engines too. We perform a full keyword analysis ahead of creating any content. This ensures we include a wide selection of focus keywords in your new content to help it reach a wider audience on search engines.

SEO packages & pricing

We have several professional SEO packages for small businesses to choose from. The quality of our work and our highly competitive rates makes Topsite the number one choice for SEO services in Guelph. From a simple monitoring of your keyword positions and competitors, to a full SEO campaign that drives you to the top of search engine results, we have a package for you.

Guelph SEO Services

These days, everyone turns to their phone or computer when they are looking for products or services. If you are not showing up in search results for these queries, you are losing out to your competitors. Local businesses in Guelph use our SEO services to improve their position in search engine results. We properly optimize your website and Google My Business profile to ensure your company is the first result for local queries that match your business.

Guelph SEO Experts

We have a team of SEO experts that constantly study data and algorithm changes to best serve our clients. Each of our SEO specialists is tasked with staying up-to-date with modern SEO practices. We use innovative tactics to help you get the edge over your competition and outrank them in search results.

Guelph Search Engine Optimization

When you hire Topsite to improve your search engine positioning, we perform a comprehensive audit of your website and give you a realistic outlook on the speed and difficulty of improving your position.

We often tell our clients that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Any SEO agency that tells you they will improve your SEO with a one-time fix is lying to you. Improving your position in SERPs (search engine result pages) takes time, and maintaining a consistent position in SERPs requires ongoing regular work. This is because Google’s search algorithms are smart. They can tell if a website is being regularly updated to improve the information and user experience of the page, and they reward these actions with higher rankings.

Common SEO Questions

How does SEO work?

There is so much for the modern SEO to consider. Google uses over 200 ranking factors to determine where your website should rank in search results. It looks at simple things like content length and page speed, and more in-depth things like relevancy, trust, and authority.

To run a successful SEO campaign, understanding each of these ranking factors (and the weight they hold within Google’s algorithm) is essential. Our SEO experts adhere to Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines to ensure content is properly optimized for search.

Does my business need SEO?

Yes! If you are not investing in SEO, you are likely missing out on huge opportunities to grow your business.

If you can obtain a top position in search results, more users will come to your website. If you serve them good information and a good user experience, they will contact you about your products or services. If you don’t do any of these things, your competitors will be enjoying the benefits instead of you.

Why doesn’t my website rank on Google?

There could be a number of reasons why you don’t see your website show up in search results.

Site not indexed: To check if your site is indexed, you need to perform a site search. For example, if we were checking our website, we would type into Google. This will return a list of all pages from your website that are currently indexed. If your website is not showing up, or if only some of your pages show up, contact Topsite right away. Your website may not be indexed for several different reasons, and we’d need to take a closer look to help you.

Irrelevant Content: Recent algorithm updates have vastly improved Google’s ability to understand search queries and serve up content that satisfies the user. This means that your content needs to be relevant, detailed, authoritative, and trustworthy. If you don’t check these boxes, search engines are going to ignore your website and find better content to put at the top of search engine results.

How long does it take to rank high on Google?

Honestly, it depends. It certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Essentially, you need to earn and prove your right to be at the top of search engine results. There is no quick fix for this. It is obtained by consistently creating helpful and informative content. If you have a brand new website with no history or authority online, you can expect for it to take up to a year before you are ranking on the first page for your target keywords.

Do my website speeds affect SEO?

Yes. While page speed is not considered a major ranking factor. It is still important. Page speed is part of your website user experience, which Google assesses on many different levels. The modern internet user expects your website to load in under 3 seconds, otherwise they might leave and try a different site.

Mobile page speed is considered a more important ranking factor. We’ve seen sites get penalized in search engines for delivering slow speeds on mobile devices. If you are unsure if your site meets Google’s mobile friendly standards, you can test your website here.

What is RankBrain?

RankBrain is an artificial intelligence software created by Google. It functions within their algorithm to help assess the user experience of websites. The main things it focuses on are:

  • Click-through rate: The number of people who click on a search engine result that links to your website.
  • Time on page: How long visitors stay on your website for.
  • Bounce rate: The number of people visit your website from a search result, and then return to the search results page to look for an alternative.

Still have questions?

SEO is complicated. Fortunately, SEO is not just a job for some of our team members. It’s a hobby. Our team attends events, webinars and meetups to ensure we provide the best services possible. Contact the team at Topsite today and we will be happy to answer any additional questions you have.