About Topsite

We provide web design, SEO, advertising, and other marketing services to small businesses in Guelph and the surrounding area. Our professional marketing services help you beat the competition and achieve your marketing goals.

The Topsite team

Local marketing you can trust

Our purpose is to provide professional marketing services to our clients. We carefully manage our overheads to ensure we can provide the most competitive pricing, we provide monthly reporting to our clients to show our progress and provide transparency, and we have a team of specialists dedicated to getting the most out of your marketing dollars.

We believe it is hugely important for every business to have the opportunity to reach their market. Our clients use our website and marketing services to unlock the thousands of potential customers browsing the internet. We work with them to target those customers and take them from the competition.

Our Services

Website Design

Take advantage of our experience, creativity, and competitive pricing. We’ll build a website you can be proud of.

Search Engine Optimization

We specialize in SEO and have helped several businesses achieve top results in search engines and local listings.

Online Advertising

Our advertising specialists will reach your target audience through online search and social media advertising.

Website Hosting

Get great speeds, solid security, daily backups, SSL, and 24/7/365 support with our website hosting package.

Design & Production

Logos and branding guides, photography and videos, we’ll help you get the your brand in front of your customers.

Marketing Plans

We’ll work with you to build a marketing plan that is focused entirely on achieving your business goals.

Our Team


Chris Morton

Owner & Founder

As the dedicated owner of Topsite, I oversee client accounts and ensure the success of their marketing campaigns. With extensive marketing experience, I lead our talented team with passion and creativity, developing and implementing strategic initiatives that exceed client expectations.


Ladule Kondu

Content Specialist

I’m a content specialist with a passion for creating engaging content. My exceptional writing and research skills allow me to produce high-quality content for digital marketing channels. I’m proficient in SEO techniques, using analytics tools to track content performance and make data-driven decisions.


Eamon Miller

Web Developer

As a web developer, I am deeply committed to crafting digital solutions that are both functional and visually appealing. I have a strong desire for learning and constantly strive to enhance my knowledge and skills. To ensure optimal results, I adhere to industry best practices, delivering efficient and reliable work.

Montserrat Image

Monserrat Márquez

Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, I create visually striking designs that capture the essence of each brand and help clients achieve their goals. I stay up-to-date with the latest design trends to deliver effective and aesthetically pleasing designs. I take pride in delivering top-quality designs that stand out in crowded markets.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values


Our team strives to support local businesses to achieve their goals through ethical marketing strategies. We work to be creative, engaging and ignite minds with compelling marketing messages that produce results.


Our vision is to revolutionize digital marketing services by setting new standards of professionalism and success.


  • Trust

  • Diversity

  • Integrity

  • Transparency

  • Accountability

  • Quality

  • Community

  • Innovation

  • Ethics

  • Teamwork