Mike Schreiner Case Study

For Ontario Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner, maintaining an effective digital platform was essential, especially during a re-election campaign. We had the privilege of collaborating with Mr. Schreiner to create a new website that replaced one that was old and outdated, significantly enhancing his online presence during the re-election period. Our work proved vital in anchoring his successful re-election campaign.

Strategy + Website

The Challenge

For Mike Schreiner, maintaining an effective digital platform was essential during a re-election campaign. His existing website lacked a modern, user-friendly design, which hindered engagement and navigation.

Our Process

We created a website to effectively represent Mike Schreiner’s political vision, achievements, and the Ontario Green Party’s goals.

We Delivered

Ensuring that the website was accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, we successfully enhanced online presence in the community.

Mike Schreiner Website

Mike’s website functions as an accessible platform, housing thousands of resources related to political issues, bills, petitions, and community support for Ontarians. Therefore, we had to ensure that we developed a website that runs securely, allowing users to easily and quickly access important information.

Website Features

As Mike was running for Guelph MPP at the time, it was extremely important that his website had all the features that made him as accessible and useful as possible to his constituents. These features included a request for lawn signs, donation functionality, and an events calendar.

In addition to this, our experienced copywriters ensured to conduct in-depth research on Mikes target audience and used this information to write compelling campaign copy.

Improved Online Presence

The website we created for Mike Schreiner gave him a robust online presence, making it easier for constituents to connect with him. Total website users saw a significant increase, with 2,414 users in May compared to 311 in April. Search engine traffic also showed substantial growth, with 664 visits in May, up from 146 in April.

  • Requests for lawn signs surged by an impressive 312%.
  • Event sign ups experienced an extraordinary spike, soaring by 547%.
  • Overall website engagement witnessed a remarkable upswing, skyrocketing by 604%.


Mike Schreiner’s new website served as a platform for his compelling campaign, including special features and providing many resources related to politics and community support for Ontarians. Accessibility was at the forefront of our team’s efforts during design and development. Ensuring all users, including those with disabilities, were able to navigate the resources they needed resulted in increased engagement and significantly improved online presence during Mike’s re-election campaign.

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