Ken Yee Chew Case Study

We helped an inexperienced candidate win a Guelph city council seat by developing a website and marketing strategy that differentiated him from competitors. Our team created a user-friendly website with features like donation functionality, clickable maps, and forms. The strategy involved using appropriate messaging to differentiate the candidate and optimize the website content for search engines and social media platforms to ensure that Ken’s campaign was visible and accessible to a wide range of potential supporters.

Strategy + Branding + Website

The Challenge

A young Guelph council candidate needed to quickly boost visibility amidst tough competition. A strategy was needed to align him with local values, within tight budget constraints.

Our Process

We aligned Ken’s new website with his goals and values, focusing on visual appeal, clarity, and audience resonance. We strategized to set Ken apart and ensure campaign success by boosting online presence.

We Delivered

Our website helped Ken win his campaign and serves as an ongoing resource for constituents. It fosters engagement with features like an interactive city map for local events and voting stations.

Website Development

One of the key elements of our project was the development of the website, which was designed to provide Ken with a strong online presence and a platform to engage with voters. To achieve this, we created a number of features that not only differentiated Ken from his competitors but also facilitated engagement and support from his target audience.

Donation Functionality

Donation functionality was a key feature of our strategy, enabling supporters to easily contribute to Ken’s campaign online. We developed a secure and user-friendly system that allowed supporters to donate using a variety of payment methods. This feature not only facilitated fundraising efforts but also helped to build a sense of community around Ken’s campaign.


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Interactive Map

One of the key features of our strategy was the clickable map, allowing website visitors to easily find the closest place to vote. We developed an interactive map that was easy to use and provided voters with the information they needed to cast their ballot in the right location.

Online Forms

Our website design included forms that allowed Ken to easily store and present campaign data and messaging. This feature enabled Ken to track and analyze key data points like engagement and donation amounts, and use this information to refine his messaging and outreach efforts.

Marketing Strategy

Our team developed a strategy for Ken centered around creating a strong online presence that differentiated him from his competitors.

We recognized that with a crowded field of candidates, Ken needed to stand out to capture the attention of voters and build a sense of community around his campaign. To achieve this, we took a multi-faceted approach that leveraged different digital tools and strategies.

One key element of our strategy was the website we developed for Ken, which provided a platform for him to engage with voters and communicate his message. We designed the website to be visually appealing, user-friendly, and easy to navigate, with clear calls to action and messaging that resonated with Ken’s target audience. By optimizing the website for search engines and social media platforms, we were able to ensure that Ken’s campaign was visible and accessible to a wide range of potential supporters. In addition to the website, we also developed a range of digital marketing strategies that helped to differentiate Ken from his competitors.


Our strategy for Ken’s success was focused on leveraging digital tools and online presence to differentiate him from his competitors. By combining a user-friendly website with targeted digital marketing, we were successful in connecting Ken with voters in Guelph.

“The Topsite team collaborated closely with me to bring my vision to life, expertly handling all the technical aspects of web design. They used their skills to capture the grassroots spirit of the Ward 6 campaign. The team played a vital role by being agile and quick to address feedback. Their dedication, humility, and attention to detail were evident throughout the process. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a professional web design team dedicated to excellence in the work they produce.”

Ken Yee Chew

City Councillor • Guelph

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