Hanlon Park Storage Case Study

We have been a comprehensive marketing partner for Hanlon Park Storage for the past three years. During this time, we have collaborated closely to develop and implement a multi-channel marketing strategy that has helped Hanlon Park Storage significantly improve online presence, attract more traffic to the website, and position themselves effectively in the market. Our work together has been characterized by a constructive and solution-focused approach that has enabled us to achieve our goals efficiently and effectively.

Strategy + Website

The Challenge

Living in a saturated market, Hanlon Park Storage needed to preserve their brand identity while effectively positioning themselves for success in the digital space.

Our Process

We devised a multi-channel marketing strategy, building a new website and managing Google Ad and SEO campaigns to enhance online presence and engage the target audience effectively.

We Delivered

Our website mirrored Hanlon Park Storage’s brand image and polished their online presence with the correct positioning. Our SEO doubled organic traffic, and our ad campaign tripled traffic and monthly leads, propelling their growth.

Brand Pillars

Hanlon Park Storage is focused on 3 brand pillars


Providing amazing customer experience and service.


Providing convenient storage solutions


Providing secure storage solutions.

New Website Creation

A strong website is a crucial component for the success of any marketing campaign. With this in mind, we developed a functional and aesthetically pleasing website for Hanlon Park Storage.

The new website serves to not only enhance their online presence, but also to help them to rank higher in SEO, making it easier for potential customers to find them online. Our work on the website was instrumental in improving Hanlon Park Storage’s online visibility and increasing traffic to their site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign

Our organic marketing efforts for Hanlon Park Storage primarily involved SEO. We built a highly optimized website that was designed to improve search engine rankings, and we made ongoing monthly updates to ensure that the website’s score on Google continued to improve. As a result of our campaign, Hanlon Park Storage experienced a more than doubling of their organic search traffic.

Google Ad Campaign

Our advertising work involved creating a Google Ad Campaign, developing a comprehensive strategy, and continuously tracking and refining the campaigns to improve their leads and ROI. As a result, the campaign was instrumental in more than tripling overall traffic and monthly leads across all channels, helping Hanlon Park Storage achieve significant growth and position themselves effectively in the market.

Blogging Services

During our work with Hanlon Park Storage, we identified an opportunity to improve their SEO by creating monthly blog posts for fringe keywords. Our approach was to create high-quality, informative blog posts that would appeal to both their target audience and search engines. This strategy proved to be successful as their website quality improved, and they were able to attract more traffic to their site through improved SEO.


Tasked with helping Hanlon Park Storage expand its business in a highly competitive and saturated market, we were successful in developing a comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategy. This included building a new website, creating a Google Ad Campaign, implementing and maintaining an SEO campaign, and writing monthly blog posts.

The results of our work were significant, with Hanlon Park Storage experiencing a more than tripling of their overall traffic and monthly leads across all channels. Their organic search traffic more than doubled, and they achieved a top-3 ranking for their main keywords. Our efforts helped Hanlon Park Storage improve their online visibility, attract more traffic to their website, and position them effectively in the market.

“Topsite handles all our SEO, Website Design, and management at Hanlon Park Storage. They help us achieve our advertising and website goals and respond quickly to emails. Topsite is always available for questions and feedback. We highly recommend them!”

Julia C.

Marketing Coordinator • Hanlon Park Storage

Hanlon Park Insights

Hanlon Park Storage consistently ranks in the top 3 for their main keywords and holds a 35.87% visibility in their local market, indicating strong online presence and competitive positioning.

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