Eligible parties can now sign up for any of our services and receive a 20% discount. This is an offer for both new and existing clients, and covers stand-alone projects as well as monthly packages.

We recognize that the COVID-19 outbreak has affected many, if not all businesses, in a negative way. As a result, businesses small and large, for profits and nonprofits, are being forced to come up with new and innovative ways to continue serving their customers and taking care of their employees.

In many cases, businesses are trying to take their services online to make themselves available to customers who are currently stuck at home. We’ve always offered professional web and marketing services. However, in times like these, we believe that the best, and perhaps the only way to move forward and preserve and sustain our communities is for everyone to offer whatever support they can.

Effective immediately, Topsite will be reducing prices on all of our services to make them even more accessible to businesses who are facing difficulties as a result of the coronavirus.


How does it work?

To qualify for the discount, your business must be one of the following:

  • Essential services that must remain open to serve the public
  • Non-essential services that are closed or have reduced hours due to COVID-19
  • Healthcare Organizations & Offices
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Animal Care Organizations

Basically, if your business is affected negatively by COVID-19 in any way, we will apply this discount to the services you need. We pledge to keep this offer available until physical distancing protocols and mandated closures have been lifted by provincial and federal governments.

Stand-alone projects booked while these rules are in place will receive a full 20% discount on the entire project from start to finish.

Monthly packages will receive a 20% discount for each month that physical distancing and mandated closures are in place, and will return to normal pricing the month after rules are lifted.

Communication Strategies

Keep your team and clients connected with a customized communication strategy. By creating online solutions like Live Chat and Conditional Contact Forms, we can build a custom platform that will allow your team to work remotely. We’ll train your team to use the software and provide a simple way for you to serve your community from home.

Website Updates

Whether you need a new ecommerce website to serve your customers online, or just a simple pop-up message to help your customers understand how you are operating under current restrictions, Topsite is here to help.

Marketing Initiatives

Our digital marketing initiatives are built to reach your customers when they’re thinking about your services, anytime, anywhere. Right now, most of your customers are likely at home, using social media, youtube, or google to keep them entertained, offering countless opportunities for you to reach them through advertising and social posting.

Ready to start your next project?