We recently went through a soft rebrand! We kept our name the same but we have a new logo along with a new website. We made tweaks to our colours and fonts. We call it a soft rebrand because we’re still Topsite, only with a little bit of a makeover since the last time you saw us.

Why Rebrand?

For us, it was overdue!

Our branding, logo, and website were all created years ago. We’ve had an extremely busy couple of years which at first seemed like a good problem, but after some time we realized that we were not spending enough time looking inward and focusing on company growth. So things like our logo and website weren’t really getting a second look, and within a few years our online image looked a little “last year”.

Finally, we sat down and started treating ourselves like a client. We scheduled the time to get the whole team involved and create a brand we can be proud of.


We’re also super excited to announce that Topsite will be a kit sponsor for a soccer team in 2021. We can’t wait to see the team and coaches outfitted with our logo. More to come on that soon when it’s officially announced.

Say Hello to the new Topsite

Topsite Logo Wide
Topsite Logo Square
Topsite Logo Square White
topsite new branding and swag

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