NISHI Case Study

The Nunavut Inuit Sustainable Housing Index (NISHI) is a comprehensive study initiated by the Association for Canadian Studies (ACS) to gather vital information on housing in Nunavut. NISHI’s primary objective is to enhance housing outcomes for Inuit communities in Nunavut. By strengthening the capabilities of Inuit organizations and communities to identify current housing needs and assets, NISHI is able to deliver timely and accessible information for community members, researchers, policymakers, and other essential stakeholders.

Strategy + Branding + Website + Tableau API Integration

The Challenge

NISHI needed a universally accessible website to condense crucial housing information for Nunavut— one of Canada’s most remote regions.

Our Process

We thoroughly examined user demographics to provide diverse user accessibility, without compromising the integrity of any information through branding and design.

We Delivered

NISHI now has a multi-device, multilingual website that seamlessly blends functionality, aesthetics, and user-friendliness, to support upcoming project phases.

NISHI Branding

When crafting the branding for NISHI, Topsite remained mindful of the project’s missions and values. The team focused on maintaining a professional brand image, effectively conveying the project’s significance.

NISHI Branding

We honour client requests and follow any creative must-haves or specifications. In this instance, we retained the acronym in their new logo. Our team also added a creative touch to provide the target audience with a clear understanding of the brand’s purpose.


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Brand Pillars

NISHI is focused on 3 main brand pillars:


Enhancing housing outcomes for Inuit communities in Nunavut.


Empowering Inuit organizations to assess current housing needs and assets.


Ensuring all information is accessible and readable for a diverse audience.

NISHI Website

We designed and developed the NISHI website to host and display collected data seamlessly using interactive Tableau dashboards. Our team skillfully converted these dashboards into a user-friendly format, ensuring the information is easily accessible and readable for a diverse audience. The website prioritizes user experience, ensuring accessibility for members in remote communities with limited English proficiency, and is compatible with any device.

Tableau API Integration

We seamlessly integrated Tableau information into the NISHI website, enhancing accessibility for visitors. This integration ensures a smooth and effortless experience for users seeking relevant data.

Now, visitors can easily access and interact with Tableau information directly from the NISHI website. This strategic integration enhances the overall user experience and facilitates efficient information retrieval.


The strategy for the NISHI project involved creating a functional database, incorporating translations in Inuktitut, and using inclusive language. We successfully delivered a user-friendly website, accommodating diverse users, including those in remote communities with limited English proficiency.

Our brand work for NISHI focused on professionalism, with the team creatively incorporating client preferences. The branding reflected the three brand pillars of housing enhancement, empowering organizations, and ensuring information accessibility. We valued our important role in developing this website and database, acknowledging its significance for the communities in Nunavut.

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