Around 60% of people read blogs at least once a week. As a business, it’s vital that you take advantage of this customer touchpoint in order to get your business more online visibility. With almost 4 billion users currently connected to the world wide web, there has never been a better time for businesses of all sizes to include blogging into their business marketing strategy.

A business blog is a marketing channel that will not only foster but ultimately support your overall business growth. Blogs act as a mechanism that allows your products and services to be easily discovered by your targeted consumers. While simultaneously, giving your customers a better understanding of your company, products and services. Small businesses and even large corporations can create informative content for readers for little to no cost. Not only does blogging drive website traffic, increase your SEO potential and promote your products and services, but it also helps your business and brand build trust with your potential customers.

Within this blog post, we’re going to uncover some of the many benefits of blogging for your business and how you can get started with creating informative content that will drive traffic to your website.

1. Drive Website Traffic

Blog posts can create relevant content that has the ability to increase your website’s traffic. Businesses that incorporate blogging into their overall business marketing strategy will draw 55% more website visitors than businesses without consistent blogging.

Blogs are also an appealing way to keep your website updated with fresh, new and relevant content that’s geared towards your business. Most readers will utlize a blog post in order to solve, or mitigate a challenge that they are encountering. Blogs are a great way to provide advice but tie it to a service or product that your business offers. In addition, blogs can also act as the foundation of social media posts to reach customers. Your business will be able to post links to your most recent blog posts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, which in turn gives your readers a reason to click through to your business website. Essentially creating a free backlink to your website.

2. Increase Search Engine Optimization

A key aspect of search engine optimization is to drive traffic to your website, but organic traffic in particular. There are a few variables that calculate search engine results, these variables include: keywords, new content, readability and the number of indexed pages. Your business will be able to strongly improve within all of these different aspects mentioned above by simply implementing consistent blogging into your overall business marketing strategy. This can be easier said than done, the key to blogging is to provide relevant and quality content along with new fresh posts that are applicable to your business. You want to use blogs to leverage the products and services that your business provides to its customers.

Blog posts also allow you to broaden your use of keywords. There are many tools that you can utlize to enhance your blog content, some tools include: Semrush, Google Search Console and Ahrefs. These tools can assist you in determining which keywords to use within your blogs. Be careful to not overuse a keyword as you will be penalized, Google penalizes content for keyword stuffing. If you choose to blog about your business industry, events, customers, products, and services that provide insight to your readers, related keywords will naturally be used within this content.

3. Educate & Engage

Your consumers want to be informed about new insights regarding your business. And your potential consumers want to be informed on how your business can be the solution to their problem. Your blog posts provide you with the opportunity to settle both challenges. It’s important to utilize these customer touchpoints to your advantage in order to engage with your readers and display your expertise. But before you stock up on blog posts regarding your business, it’s important to also provide a variety of different blog content. Every blog post should not only be about your business. You use your blog content to build trust with your customer base by being a source of reliable information.

If your readers leave a comment under a blog post, use this opportunity to interact with your consumers by responding to their comment or question on your website. A blog is searchable for a longer time, so future readers can still view these interactions and gain value from the engagement under your blog posts.

Getting Started

We hope after reading this blog, you were able to generate a better understanding on how the implementation of blogging into their business marketing strategy can drive traffic to your website, improve your overall search engine optimization and allow you to educate and engage with your audience. We can’t stress enough how important it is for your business to take advantage of this customer touchpoint in order to generate more online visibility. With today’s high volume of internet users in our digitized globe, blogging is another mechanism that will allow your business to infiltrate the masses.

If you have any questions or concerns after reading this blog, feel free to reach out to our team at Topsite. We’d be more than happy to answer any concerns you may have! Our team of experts is well equipped to assist you in getting started on your blogging journey. Why wait? Get in contact with us today, your business’ first blog post is right around the corner!

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